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Menjalankan Windows Di Mac Dengan VM Fusion 3.1

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Ingin membuka file windows?Ingin membuka game yang anda sukai di Mac?.Bisa kok, dengan VM Fusion ini anda bisa menjalankan windows di Mac kesayangan anda, keren kan!.Anda tidak perlu repot-repot dual boot, karena ini adalah virtual machine.
Ini Fiturnya yang saya ambil dari situs aslinya

What's New in VMware Fusion 3.1

>VMware Fusion 3.1 is packed with more than 20 new features and enhancements

Improved Overall Performance - 35% Faster than VMware Fusion 3.0

*Reduced time for suspending virtual machines

*Faster Windows application launch times

*Greatly improved scrolling speeds in Windows Vista and Windows 7 with Mac OS X 10.6.3

2D/3D Graphics Improvements - Up to 5X Better 3D Graphics than VMware Fusion 3.0

*OpenGL 2.1 for Windows Vista

*OpenGL 2.1 for Windows 7

*Greatly improved graphics performance

*Aero is much faster on Windows Vista and Windows 7

*Some games up to 10x faster than VMware Fusion 3.0 with VMware Fusion 3.1 and latest Mac OS X release

*Greatly improved scrolling speeds in Windows Vista and Windows 7 with Mac OS X 10.6.3

Unity Improvements

*Minimizing Unity apps to the dock now shows app contents

*Works with Exposé and Dock Exposé

USB "EasyConnect"

*Easily assign USB devices to virtual machine or Mac when connected

*Remember USB device assignment between Mac and virtual machine restarts

Bigger, More Complex Virtual Machines

*8-way SMP

*2 TB virtual disks

PC Migration Improvements

*Improvements to Migrate Your PC assistant, including better validation of names and better location prompt

*Prompt user if Mac OS X guest account prevents guest access to shared folders instead of failing

*Open new virtual machine upon successful migration

*Enhanced user interface on PC being migrated including:

- New progress dialog on the PC being migrated as well as in VMware Fusion

- Option to show converter logs and troubleshooting steps on PC if PC migration fails

- Avoids port conflicts with Web server software installed on PC being migrated such as IIS, Tomcat, and Apache

Boot Camp Improvements

*Up to 5x disk performance in Boot Camp virtual machines

*New option to minimize prompting for password (authentication dialogs) when using Boot Camp virtual machines

*Handle Mac OS X disk changes better to avoid multiple references to Boot Camp partition in the Virtual Machine Library

*Support for Office 2010 activation in Boot Camp virtual machines

OVF Tool 2 Comes with VMware Fusion 3.1

*Directly convert between any vSphere, VMX, or OVF source format to any vSphere, VMX, or OVF target format

*Deploy virtual machines to vSphere using OVF Tool

*Import and export of OVF packages into a vApprun 1.0 workspace. For more information about vApprun, see

User Interface Enhancements

*Drag a disk image or virtual disk to the installation media pane of the assistant

*Add shortcut for opening a virtual machines configuration file in default text editor for VMware Fusion (Hold down option and right-click in Virtual Machine Library)

User Interface Enhancements

*User Experience Improvement Program

New Guest Operating Systems Supported

*Ubuntu 32- and 64-bit

*Ubuntu 10.04: 32- and 64-bit

*SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 Service Pack 1: 32- and 64-bit

*SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 1: 32- and 64-bit

*RHEL 5.4: 32- and 64-bit

Sekarang Anda bisa mendownloadnya secara gratis

Download VM Fusion 3.1

Download VM Fusion 3.1 Serial

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